NEW! Aromatic Cedar Soap Dishes for the Shower

I have personally tested our brand new Cedar Soap Dishes in the shower, and they definitely extend the life of handmade soaps! Here’s how it works:

Cedar Soap Dish has grooves that run two different directions to allow water to flow out and air to flow in and around the soap!

If you’ve ever had your Great Cakes Soapworks soap bar stuck to the side of the tub, or still wet on the bottom by the time you take your next shower, you probably need this soap dish! Our shower has solid shelves for soap and shampoo that drain in the corner, but we still had issues with soggy soap. On average, a well-made bar of handmade soap will last one person about one month in the shower. The bar of soap I’m about to show you was used by two people for the first two weeks, and one person for the last two weeks. It started out as an average 4.5 ounce bar. Here’s how much is still left:

After one month of use!

I love that these soap dishes are handmade in Texas – go USA! And the best part is you can get them for just $4.95 each, or for a limited time you can get one FREE with any $40 soap purchase at!!

Click photo to purchase!

We also carry this stylish two-part soap dish for the sink:

Birch Soap Dish for the Sink

These make perfect gift items when paired with your favorite GCS soaps as well!

6 thoughts on “NEW! Aromatic Cedar Soap Dishes for the Shower

  1. LuAnn says:

    Hi Amy! I haven’t ever tried using soap dishes made out of wood. Do you leave them unfinished, as in not sealed? And how long do the wood dishes last, if you happen to know?!

  2. Chandice McInerney says:

    Hi Amy 😀
    Your soap dishes are lovely!
    I love the birch for the kitchen sink 😀 Hopefully soon I will purchase one of your soap dish.


  3. says:

    @LuAnn – I know I was surprised too, but these are unfinished, unsealed. I would have to ask the guy who makes them how long they last. I’ll let you know!

  4. says:

    @LuAnn – Here’s what I’ve heard back from the supplier who also uses the dishes: “I have had the same soap dish in my shower for over 6 months and the same one under my kitchen sponge for probably 8 months and they are still going strong. The soap dishes are sanded well and shouldn’t absorb water or swell. Additionally cedar is rot and insect resistant.

    Here is a link to an outdoor furniture maker that uses cedar and describes the properties of cedar:

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