Making Lotion: Needed Equipment

If you want to learn how to make lotion from scratch, please read the introduction and preparations posts before proceeding with today’s lesson.

If you are a soapmaker, you should already have most of the equipment you will need to make lotion (and even most of the ingredients). However, your equipment might look like exhibit A:

Large Lotion Making Equipment

Large Lotion Making Equipment

#1 – digital thermometer; if you don’t have a digital one, a glass candy thermometer will suffice.
#2 – stick blender; preferably stainless steel and dedicated to lotionmaking.
#3 – digital scale; this is my KD 7000. It will weigh up to 15 pounds, and has 1 gram increments.
#4 – glass batter bowl and measuring cup; larger one for the liquid (water-soluble) ingredients, smaller one for the e-wax and oil-soluble ingredients
#5 – stainless steel spoons; you could use plastic, but stainless is recommended

This equipment will work great if you are making at least 16 oz. (around 500gm) batches of lotion. But what if you want to make smaller test batches? You will need smaller equipment, such as what is featured in exhibit B:

Small Lotion Making Equipment

Small Lotion Making Equipment

#1 – digital thermometer
#2 – digital scale; this is a JS-50XV. It will weigh up to 50 grams, with readings in the hundredths of grams. I bought the little white container on top separately – it’s called a weigh boat. Very lightweight, and useful for measuring small amounts of ingredients.
#3 – mini blender; runs on two AA batteries, and whips up those smaller batches easily.
#4 – smaller pyrex measuring cups
#5 – stainless steel teaspoon – you may need more than one.

Not sure where to find some of these items? I’m going to share some of my favorite resources with you. For specialty lotion ingredients and equipment, I highly recommend ordering from Jen at Lotioncrafters, or Angie at The Herbarie. I bought my Cuisinart stainless steel hand blender at Sam’s Club a year or more ago. I doubt they carry them anymore, but you can get them on ebay. I bought my digital thermometer from Cabela’s. Best piece of equipment I ever bought!

Other necessary equipment:
-Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a roll of paper towels, or other sterilizing substance.

Spray Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol

Spray Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol

Next lesson: Acquiring Ingredients for Making Lotion (includes list of suppliers!)

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    Hi Mary G – This post is in the middle of a series that will teach you how to formulate your own recipe. The link to the next post is at the bottom of this one. Keep reading…

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