Facial Soap and Moisturizer Giveaway

Clarifying Soap and Facial Moisturizer

Clarifying Soap and Facial Moisturizer

Another Great Cakes Soapworks giveaway started today at mommie blogs. Courtney has had a chance to try out our Clarifying Facial soap with a Facial Moisturizer & Replenishing Creme. You can read her glowing review of these products, and have several chances to win either a Clarifying Facial soap or a Creamy Castille soap with the Facial Moisturizer & Replenishing Creme. This is the facial moisturizer I have been using myself for the past several months. And I know some of you are tired of me talking about a facial moisturizer and not delivering. So go enter the giveaway and see if you can win some!! In the meantime, know that I will be making some testers available SOON.

Contest ends Sunday at 8:00am EST, so hurry on over!

3 thoughts on “Facial Soap and Moisturizer Giveaway

  1. Valerie Branham says:

    I love the whip shay butter and the peppermint lip balm. They are both so rich and creamy…I am eager to try many other products and am so very thankful to have found GCSW!


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