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Amy Warden

Amy Warden

I made my first batch of cold process soap on November 18, 2002 as a Christmas gift for my friends.  It was a wonderful experience that led to many more, until I had more soap than my family and friends could use.  I became a vendor at my local farmer’s market during the summer of 2004, and have been making and selling soap ever since.

My absolute favorite part about making soap is the creative aspect of mixing various swirling and coloring techniques, textures, and fragrances. I have formulated each recipe for a specific purpose, and the one I use most has seven different oils and butters. I love to experiment with new ingredients to create soaps that not only cleanse and condition the skin, but add delight to the senses as well.

If you like to use handmade soaps and want to interact with someone who makes them, I am highly engaged with my readers. If you are starting out on your own journey to learn how to make your own soaps and other skin care products, I’m here to encourage you. If you just appreciate fine soapmaking and like to be inspired in creative ways like I do, please join in! I appreciate your comments, and always strive to answer each one – either publicly or privately.

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9 thoughts on “About Amy Warden

  1. Hi Amy

    I love reading your blog…I’m a novice soapmaker. I’m really inspired by the soap that you make. My plan today is to try out Lisa’s beer soap recipe in a 2 lb batch. I do have a question – how do you get such a lovely bevel on your soap?

  2. Hi Amy, just a quick e-mail to say thankyou for your soap challenge, even though i didn’t join in i found them rearly helpfull as i`m a novice to cp soap.I have mastered the art of melt and pour but always have respected the cp process with regard to the sosa aspect.I did do a class with Sergio on how to make cp soap (villa fortuna) which i´m now putting into practice.Any how have a great summer and look forward to seeing any new tutorials you may do.

    regards Amanda.

  3. Hi Amy I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and love your story too! I’ve begun making my own soap because I’m sick of the cost of the store bought soap but also because I love the idea that I put all of my own ingredients into it all to my own preference! I was wondering if you have a personal preference between hot and cp soap?

  4. Dear Amy,
    So nice what you wrote. It is so helpful to have someone to ask advise when your learning. Soap making has helped me through a very difficult time.

  5. Hi Amy:

    Very nice to learn more about you and that you prefer cold-pressed DIY soaps.

    Very cool stuff and I can’t wait to read more of your articles as it is always something unique, interesting, and industry related.


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