Searching for the perfect handmade natural soap for your sensitive skin?

Maybe you aren’t able to use soaps with artificial colors or scents. If you prefer an unscented soap, try our Creamy Castile. It is made with just saponified olive oil and fresh goat milk, and it’s the mildest natural soap you can use.

Nancy H. of Lenexa, Kansas loves our Creamy Castile soap: "I have the most super-sensitive skin, which is now dry. Almost all soaps and creams break out my skin, even after using them only once. Over my lifetime, I have probably tried over a 100 products that irritate, break out my skin and clog my pores. I have been using Great Cakes Soapworks soaps for several years now. I can't live without the Creamy Castile Soap. I use it for my facial soap and use the scented bars in the bath."
Show me the Creamy Castile Goat Milk Soap

Yes, Nancy said she has super-sensitive skin and she uses the Great Cakes Soapworks scented soaps on her body! You can also have a handmade natural soap with a wonderful aroma – even with your sensitive skin! Our soaps that are labeled “100% natural” are made with pure and natural vegetable oils and butters, have no artificial colorants, but may be scented with the highest quality steam distilled essential oils that you’ve ever had the pleasure to inhale.

Patchouli lovers will drool over the richest, earthiest scent of our Patchouli Beer Bar with just a hint of clove.

Lavender lovers can appreciate the sweetness of the quality lavender essential oil used in our Lavender Meadows scent blend.

Mint lovers (and non-mint lovers!) have exclaimed over the refreshing, yet calming scent of our Stress Relief soap.

Have you discovered how moisturized your skin can feel using handmade natural soap?

Maybe you are still using a shower gel from the bath and body store or a beauty bar from the drug store that dries out your skin. What is in all these products, anyway? Words you can’t even pronounce fill up their ingredient list. I used to be one of those shower gel people myself. The first time I tried a handmade natural soap, I couldn't believe how soft & moisturized my skin felt! And all I did was continue to use the nylon shower scrubbie that I had been using with my shower gel. Even my husband could tell the difference, and he switched too!

I’ve heard countless people with sensitive skin tell me that their doctors have told them not to use soap. The problem isn’t with soap – it’s commercial soaps that have removed all the natural glycerin, or the shower gels that are in fact chemical detergents – not soap.

What is soap, you ask?

Soap is a combination of water, lye and fats (oils). When the lye and water solution is combined with fats, a chemical reaction called “saponification” occurs – the reaction of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and fatty acid molecules. The result is about 75% soap and 25% glycerin. Properly crafted handmade soap contains no lye, but cannot be made without it.

You will notice right away that your skin will feel softer – not dry - after using handmade natural soap. Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it absorbs water from the air and draws it to your skin, making it feel softer and healthier.

Handmade natural soap helps with all kinds of skin issues.

Those who suffer from all types of skin conditions, as well as people who have sensitive skin or are hypoallergenic often find immediate relief by switching to handmade natural soap.

Sheila D. of Lenexa, Kansas says this: “I have struggled with extremely dry skin all my life. I felt like I had tried everything under the sun from home remedies to the advice of dermatologists as well as a couple of allergy specialists. I believed I'd spend the rest of my life with giant claw marks on my legs and arms because I would scratch in my sleep. Now that I've started using your handmade soaps, I no longer fight dry skin!”

Wendy T. of Olathe, Kansas says, “After suffering the effects of redness for many years and trying an endless array of soaps, lotions, and medications, I have found the solution! Your Stress Relief soap is the only product I have found that actually soothes my skin instead of causing irritation. Thank you so much!”

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and your first defense against dehydration, infection, and harmful substances, so you want to take good care of it! If you suffer from dry skin, the answer may be as simple as switching to a handmade natural soap.

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